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Part 3 of I Escaped A Satanic Ninja Cult investigates the political structure of cults as well as the emotional impact they have on their victims, but within the confines of a pulpy revenge genre comic. The King Crane Dinner Theatre is about to explode, as foreshadowed in part 1. See how it unfolds, see who walks away, see how heavy lies the crown of power and see the price one pays for enabling horrible deeds.

Over a year in the making, I Escaped A Satanic Ninja Cult part 3 is one fever dream for the ages and the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who has experienced a domineering boss or felt exploited ... and wants to settle the score!

Available is a limited edition OG ashcan zine edition for $10. You may be asking - why would I pay $10 for something that was hand stapled and copied at kinkos? Good question. The answer is because the inside cover will have a HAND DRAWN illustration - india ink on cardstock. Also, this is a LIMITED EDITION release (the official standard size will be available shortly) so be the only kid on your block with this one of a kind art object that harkens back to the glory days of the zine scene.