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Byron Slimecold, CEO and Founder of the Slimecold Creamery, has masterminded a diabolical scheme to gentrify Brooklyn within the course of one month by introducing a chemically altered invasive exotic ant species from central Africa that is referred to by locals as Siafu.

"Turnbull's APOLLO ASTRO series of minicomics that he published before he went to art school positioned him high on my list of interesting young artists. His new series is a radical departure from those comics that clearly displayed his influences (Clowes, Ware & Tomine in particular) but still showed that his voice was one that needed to be heard. INVASIVE EXOTICS is a mash-up of a startling array of genres, including sci-fi, conspiracy fiction, psychedelic social satire, slice-of-life, and crime fiction." - Rob Clough, High Low Comics

Getting the set of all 4 Invasive Exotics means you save $4 off the cover price!