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Learn what it means to be a reptilian glue foot, pedestrian, because you're about to go on a tour through the red brick and cracked cement streets of Boston. A city legendary for its eroded, raw aesthetics is in need of young skateboard talent, and they're about to get it! Roger, Erson and Billy trek from Bunker Hill to Hyde Park to find the elusive bowl - meeting new friends and encountering historical skate spots along the way. But will Roger be able to bomb it brostyle back to his Charlestown Interstate Bank back in time for BBQ cooked ala velociraptor? Of course he will. He's a 7 foot Dinosaur with a mohawk who can boardslide UP rails. We ran out of tape, but Billy can vouch for him walling a billboard on Route 1! You seen Hawk do that? Nah.

Destined for world domination, get in on the ground floor and start investing in Otto Industries because this isn't Reptar, Barney, Denver, Your new best friend stuffed animal is Roger Otto; Dinosaur Skateboard. Breakfast Cereal coming soon.